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As the top Fitness Center in the Jersey Shore area, we make sure to provide our clients with a fun, safe, and effective workout along with the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. We are proud to showcase testimonials from some of our valued customers. Here’s what our patrons have to say about us!


I started my workouts with Max about 6 months ago.  I was hesitant to join because I was so out of shape.  With Max's help and knowledge, he has me on track going in the right direction.  I feel stronger,  both mentally and physically since joining Amp'd Fitness.  Coach Brent and Toni, together with the members,  are supportive and encouraging, and I am happy to be part of this great team of people.

Howie Allan


I have been working out with max now for a year and a half and it was one of the best decisions that I have made. When I first started I did not have the confidence to workout out by myself and know that I was doing it right. I was getting bored with my gym routine and really was putting no effort in to change it. With joining amp'd  classes it has really given me the confidence to get in the gym and give it all that I have. I have come along way in my strength and mobility. I have fallen back in love with training again feeling stronger and fitter.  Max really does a great job in making you feel comfortable and pushes you to do your best. His guidance in always modifying workouts if you don't feel comfortable in doing a certain exercise. He is always their to give you 1 on 1 advice and to make you better.  I look forward to continue my workout journey with amp'd  and how much better I will feel. I can't thank max and Brent enough for pushing me and giving me the knowledge to also do it right. Joining  amp'd is like joining a tiny family, the people are great and we all push each other in a positive way

Kyle Mackintosh

me lawls_edited.jpg

I started coming to AMP'D last May by doing the 14 Day Challenge! I would recommend AMP'D because not only are the workouts incredible, but I've never felt better physically or mentally. The community is amazing and I've met some of my best friends here. Coach Max does an awesome job modifying workouts for all of his members and pushes them to be their best self. AMP'D is definitely the place to be.

Ashley Shanley


AMP'D is great, AMP'D is fun, AMP'D is for everyone! We love Coach Max and the workouts he programs. The last gym we will ever join!

Gianni &Kelsey D'Acquisto

Testimonials: Testimonials

    My gym routine was typical, paying $120+ a month and forcing myself to go daily. I did it, but was unmotivated to say the least. This past summer our friends Sean & Kristin spoke highly about a gym they were a part of called AMP'D, so I tried it out a couple months later & never looked back. 

AMP'D has helped me become strong & build back the body confidence that I was missing. I love the workouts because they are challenging, motivating & ever changing. We all show up, work hard, crack a joke (usually me), support one another, and push each other in those 50 mins. I will never go back to a "traditional" gym. AMP'D is where it's at!

Michele Segear


I have never been a person who enjoys going to the gym. Throughout the years, I have paid for countless memberships and rarely went. In one instance, I paid for an entire year, but never returned after I signed up. (Sssh, don't tell my husband.) I could never understand the appeal or attraction of a gym. That is, until my friend Kristin dragged me to a class last spring, swearing that this gym was different, and boy was she right.

Max and Brent are awesome, they do not judge, and they accept me for my two left feet. AMP'D offers a lot of variety, and I never get bored. I have become stronger, sleep better, and have found an outlet for stress.
I also cannot say enough about the members. They are beyond friendly, helpful, and supportive; especially on days when you don't feel like you have any gas left in your tank.

Joining AMP'D has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I would encourage anyone to join.

Roberta Lang


I was introduced to AMP’D by a friend and have been a loyal member ever since I took my first class. AMP’D is the perfect small group fitness training that I was missing in my workout routine. As a traditional cardio junky I needed to find a way to diversify my fitness routine to incorporate weight training, AMP’D does just that. The coaches, people and energy are amazing. I look forward to getting stronger & continuing my journey at AMP’D

Lee Larue

Testimonials: Testimonials

Before COVID I belonged to a CrossFit gym but I always knew the competitive atmosphere of a CrossFit gym wasn’t for me. I used quarantine as a reason to focus on at home workouts and bought a peloton. While I still love getting some peloton rides in I knew I needed more structure and the extra motivation of an in person gym. Luckily, my sister had been seeing Max for personal training and Amp’d classes for a while so I went with her to a trial class. I signed up and planned to go for a few months while I prepped for my wedding but now three months after my wedding I’m still a regular at the 6am classes

Jess Schoolcraft

Testimonials: Testimonials

I moved to Manasquan 4 years ago. I left a gym similar to AMP’D. For 2 years, I tried many gyms but it just wasn’t the right fit for me then Covid hit. I purchased a Peloton which I loved but wanted more. I missed the gym atmosphere. 
I found AMP’D in May of 2021. It was conveniently located right next to my house which was a plus. The first time I walked into AMP’D the atmosphere was so welcoming. I started to love the gym again. I am getting stronger each week and have met some of the nicest people. 
My favorite thing about AMP’D is the welcoming environment which includes the coaches and other members. Max and the rest of the coaching staff are always acknowledging you and punishing you to be your best!

Kristin Ferraro

Testimonials: Testimonials

Once Covid occurred I was stuck doing virtual work outs.   My gym never reopened.    
A friend told me about AMP’D so I decided to check it out     What I was most impressed with is Max’s story.   What he went thru and how motivated he is in life.   I knew that positive attitude would be passed on thru his classes and I wasn’t wrong   All the trainers are awesome 
I’ve been coming to AMP’D for 8 months now.  I can definitely feel the difference 
I have belonged to many different places previously however the classes here have such chemistry and positive vibes it’s awesome.  I joined knowing no one and now feel part of the AMP’D family    I highly recommend AMP’D for anyone looking for a positive change in their life.   

Jeff Shapiro

Testimonials: Testimonials

”Before AMP’D, I was working out at Orange theory. Then a fiend of mine, Leanne had told me that I needed to check AMP’D out so I took my first free class with her and loved it. Since starting at AMP’D, I feel stronger both physically and mentally. Max and the rest of the team have really pushed me to be the best version of myself. The thing that sets AMP’D apart from other gyms is their coaching staff and the community as a whole. There’s no gym like it!” -Rachel 


Rachel Ruane

Testimonials: Testimonials

“Alex is a perfect example of discipline and consistency. She stays true to her nutrition and shows up to the gym everyday. Her hard work has made her more confident in the gym and around the bar. She’s not afraid to push herself and as a result has gotten much, much stronger in all of her lifts. It’s a pleasure to train someone who is so focused and doesn’t give up when the reps get tough” -Coach Brent

Alex Valentini

Testimonials: Testimonials

“Mike is one of the most disciplined members of the team, he never misses his 6am workouts. Being that Mike was coming off a fresh hip replacement, I knew that we needed to go easy in the beginning. He impressed me right away with his resilience and determination to get back up to speed. Mike has been an awesome addition to the team and has fit in like a glove. He practically knows more members at the gym than I do! Through the help of the AMP’D coaching staff and his own discipline and determination, Mike lost 15 pounds in his first 6 week at the gym! We cant wait to watch him continue to change his life!”  -Coach Max

Mike Hines

Testimonials: Testimonials
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