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Coach Max created AMP’D Fitness so everyone, from the athlete to the person who has never touched a weight, can not only get in shape, but have fun doing so. Each day has a specific focus and a workout created by Max so all you have to do is walk in. We have stations for different sets of times with workouts that will be sure to give you results. Finding a gym is hard, we just made it easy. We are a community that supports each other, grows together and pushes each other.



Max Gomez provides small group as well as one on one personal training. The path that lead him to personal training was a unique one. At 18 years old, he was in a motocross accident that cost his right leg from below the knee down. He essentially had to start from square one and re-learn how to walk and move comfortably. Taking pride on the fact that he was able to build himself back up from nothing, Max instills that mentality into clients and members. As an amputee, naming the gym AMP’D Fitness is a catchy play on words. 

Coach Max falls in love with the growth and progression he's been able to witness not only of the business, but of the members as well each and every day.

Come join the AMP’D army!